Outlier Introductions

Josh and My talked a little bit about themselves. Apologies for the poor audio quality. It will be polished before the end of April. This link will connect you to the video that was posted on YouTube.

Podcast: Episode 1

Hello, thank you for checking out a conversation between Joshua Woods and My Nguyen. The first ten minutes was a warm up, so My is talking about some random things to stir up the conversation. Overall, we talked about the veteran experience, good lessons learned that we carried onto our current life, self-coaching, positive mental attitude, and being self resilient. We hope you enjoyed this podcast and hope you will stay tuned for future episodes. We spoke casually, so there were some profanity used in our conversation.

“I don’t want the government to acknowledge me that I did my part. I want MY BOYS to tell me I did my part.” ~ Joshua Woods, 17:35 in.